Tuesday, April 30, 2013

soy milk spills, too !

As I write this April has six hours left. Instead of focusing on what I didn't achieve this month I'm going to focus on what I did achieve. Lets see, this is my forty-seventh blog post and twenty-two of them were posted this month. One of the reasons why I'm blogging is to use it as a way to motivate myself to write. It's about keeping a promise to myself and to my characters to complete this Rainbow Plantation Blues project. I have to say it's working quite well. I don't think I would have done what I've done this far were it not for this blog. Others are more than welcome to journey with us, and the more the merrier, but Kumi, Jonathan and I are on a mission no matter what. Anyhow, my goal with this blog is to post five days a week and I've been doing it. I intend to keep it up in May.
    Other than keeping up with my blog postings I did get fifty-four new pages written on my Rainbow Plantation Blues sequel. My goal was one-hundred pages, but now I think that was alittle too ambitious. For May I'm setting a new goal of Sixty pages. I could have made that this month but I had some lazy days, seven to be exact, were I couldn't get off my duff to write. So, sixty pages seems doable but still challenging. In May I'm going to focus less on quantity and more on having no ''lazy days.''
    Another accomplishment this month was my articles for SGL BookLovers Magazine. I wrote and submitted two. The first one was excepted and will be published in the summer issue. As of this posting, the editor and chief told me he has received the second one but has not read it yet. My gut tells me he'll like it though, and it will be published ,too. I told him I plan to crank out more articles and the two I wrote are part of a three part series. So, my article goals for May will be to finish and send that third article and to write and send another one. I intend to maintain a presents in the magazine.
    So, It's time for me to mop-up my spilled milk and go buy a new pint! Of course, since I'm vegan, It'll be soy but that's cool as long as I drink every last drop this time!

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