Saturday, April 27, 2013

it's all good !

Yesterday I wiped-out on my bike. No, it was not due to me being distracted by some eye candy on the street and running into a tree! It was around 8:45AM and I was on my way to work. I was riding hands free down my street and I just lost control. I know your thinking  ''well, that's what happens when you ride hand free.'' I know that that's what your thinking because that's what I was thinking when it happened! I have been riding a bike instead of driving a car for ten years now and this is the worst accident I've ever had. Physically I only got a couple minor scrapes on my left elbow and my left leg, my bike is another story though. The front wheel frame was bent. The front night light was shattered. The gear shift was busted and the seat cushion was destroyed. I carried the bike the rest of the way to work and was late. When I got there I cleaned myself up with first aid, and when I got off I carried the bike to a bike shop. It's going to cost me $95.89 to repair everything. That doesn't include a new seat though. That's going to be another 25-35 bucks. Anyhow, guess where the money to pay for all of this is coming from? It's coming out of my publishing and promotions budget for Kumi's Rainbow Narrative. Isn't that lovely?
     I was also thinking about what I was going to blog about next when I wiped-out. Well, when it happened I got my answer! My next blog post was going to be about how I was going to have to rob Peter to pay Paul for this wipe-out! It's all good though. At least I wasn't really hurt and even though I didn't really have the money for the repairs, I did have money I could steal from my book budget to pay for the repairs! So, like I said, it's all good!

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