Thursday, April 4, 2013

sometimes this and sometimes that

Today I wrote 41/4 pages, which is good seeing as I'm out of practice and rusty. And it's the most I've written since I set my April goal of 100 pages. Now I'm wondering if that goal was alittle too ambitious. Nonetheless, I'm leaving it. Maybe I'll at least come close. Anyhow, I was at it for six hours today! Although I did have several phone interruptions. I was in my apartment alone with my medieval music playing in the background as I wrote.
    As far as the prose are concerned I am pleased, but I must remember this is only a draft. I also must remember that a draft is the basic framework that I will be building the finished work on, so It is not something to work on hastily. Sometimes I have to go back and refer to another part of the story so I don't contradict myself. Sometimes I might have to do some research on some historical event, fact or 19th century way of  life that fits where I am in the story or where I'm going. Sometimes I just have to sit and figure out where it is I'm going!  Sometimes I just have to pee! Sometimes I find myself racking my brain for fifteen minutes on how to word a sentence! Sometimes I feel like I just can't do this and I'll stare into space like a zombie. Sometimes I'm distracted by thoughts of some hot guy I saw on the street and I have to take five, interpret that however you want to. But I always end up refocusing and turning another page. Such is a glimpse into the life of one of my writing sessions. Care to join me?

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