Monday, April 22, 2013

lets make a deal

 There are eight days left in the month and I only have forty-five new pages written on the sequel. I guess my goal of writing one-hundred pages this month is a bust. Its no biggie though. I'll just set another goal for next month and the month after that and the month after that until the manuscript is done. Or, I could make a deal with the devil to get the book written, edited, published and listed on the New York Times bestseller list in eight days. All it would cost me is my soul, right? Well, who needs a soul when you've got a bestseller! I'm only joking. Besides, even Satin couldn't do all that in eight days. On the other hand maybe he could, but I wont be finding out! Satanism might suit some people but this Black man needs his soul. Whoever heard of a Black man without it? Just ask the late great Don Cornelius. He'll give you the down-low on that, or is it the low-down? OMG! How could I not know? I hope they don't revoke my brotha licence!
    Anyhow, I'm having more writing struggles this week just like I struggled last week with that rape scene. The struggle this time is not emotional though, it's more technical. Since I'm writing a sequel I must be consistent with the first book. Remember, this sequel involves the same characters and a lot of the same timeline. So, much of what I'm I writing is the same plot only from another character's perspective. The tricky part is keeping it consistent with the first book, For example, if I had a character languish in bed for three days in the first book, and I'm referring to that same scene in the sequel, I can't have that character languish in bed for six days in the sequel. The dialogue and perspective are going to be different but little things like that have to match. I'm finding myself having to go back and re-read parts of Rainbow Plantation Blues all the time. I'm not really bugged by it, It's just tedious. I wonder if Satin will take a raincheck?

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