Monday, April 1, 2013

50 + 50 = 281

I've set a goal to get 100 pages of my sequel done this month. With the 181 pages I already have that would bring me to 281 pages. But these are longhand pages. When there typed it ends up being about half. So my total will be about 140 pages. If I can keep this up for about three months straight I could actually finish the entire first draft!
    This sequel wont take as long as Rainbow Plantation Blues did. I have a better understanding of what I'm doing in terms of writing and I'm completely familiar with my characters lives and their world. The first time around I was getting to know them as I was writing.
    I have my own system of recording my daily accomplishments. I record the date, my writing goal for the day and what I actually achieved. I also record the times that I start and stop. Some people might think that's pretty rigid but It allows me to see my progress chronologically. I can see how many days in a row I was a lazy cow and how many days in a row I was flying high. It's also like my own time clock.
    So, I'm ready to get get down and dirty with my pen and paper, that sounds kinky and pathetic but I'm leaving it anyhow, and I'm ready to focus. I don't really outline before I write. Sometimes I go in with some ideas scribbled in a note pad, but for the most part I just dive in not knowing whats going to come out. So, here I go!

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