Tuesday, April 2, 2013

bobby pointer on the move!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! I wrote, OMG let me catch my breath, two pages yesterday!  Okay, being excited over two pages may seem ridiculous to you, and maybe that's because it is, but to me it's a big deal. I have not worked on this sequel since, according to my records, 09-08-09. I honestly thought I never would again. I thought the whole Rainbow Plantation Blues/Jonathan, Kumi/writing thing was dead and over. But those two pages picked-up right where I left off three and half years ago. When I sat down on my kitchen floor to write them, yes the kitchen floor you wanna make something of it, they came fairly easily. I did need alittle coaching from Kumi but I completed them in approximately one hour and twenty five minutes.
   Of course I cannot write two pages a day forever. If I do it will be forever before this sequel is done! But maybe Kumi's got training wheels on me for a minute until I get myself back in the groove. One hour and twenty-five minutes might sound like along time to write two pages but it's real not. Alot of thought goes into every word, sentence, phrase and paragraph. It's no different from taking hours or days to record a 3-4 minute song. A two hour movie can take months or even a year to make. Meticulousness is a hallmark of any good work of art or any serious artist. Besides, I remember there were days when I wrote ten pages in that same time frame. The quantity of what I produce in a given day depends on alot of intangible factors. And I would much rather produce two pages of quality work in two hours than ten pages of junk in two hours. The important thing now is that I keep my focus and momentum up. The pages will flow from that. I did this writing a book thing once so I can do it again!
    Today I have to go to my sound engineers house to work on the music for the book trailer he's doing for me. We've been working on this trailer for about a month now but, like I said earlier, creativity is along road. All you can do is put on your hiking boots and get to stepp'in!

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