Thursday, April 25, 2013

the Kumi material

I've decided how I'm going to give plausibility to my sequel, which I'm going to call  Kumi's Rainbow Narrative. I'm going to have it that I channeled Kumi's story directly from him through another dimension. There are many people who claim to have channeled messages or even whole books from beings in other realities/dimensions. Jane Roberts and her series of books entitled The Seth Material is a famous example of this. Seth would take over her mind and he would literally speak through her. Sometime these beings are physical beings and sometimes there not. Sometimes it's done through dreams and sometimes through a trance state. This way I can keep it in first person narrative, which I really like and want to keep, and not have to go back a change all the ''I went outside[s]'' to ''he went outside[s].'' I keep records of all the dates and times I write, so I'll use those actual dates and times as my ''trance States.''
    Before I was going to say that Kumi wrote his narrative in his 50's in the year 1882 knowing that nobody would publish or buy a uranian [uranian was a word for gay people used in the late 19th century/early 20th century] slave narrative. Nonetheless he hoped that it would get tucked a way somewhere and, when the time was right, be found by someone and published posthumously. Of course, that's what happened [when I published it]. I was going to say that his yellowed and brittle manuscript somehow survived more than 130 years and had been carbon dated for authenticity. My other option was to, like I said earlier, change to first person narrative.
    Slave narratives were common in the 19th century but a gay slave narrative was/is unheard of and I like the idea. Also, it sets Kumi's Rainbow Narrative apart from Rainbow Plantation Blues. So. I've settled the question. It will be a channeled narrative, but I'll still have to write a forward explaining that. That's okay, though. I'll just do some research on channeling and come up with something good, or maybe I'll just go into a trance!

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