Thursday, April 11, 2013

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Lately I've been thinking about what the title of my sequel should be, although I'm nowhere near the finish line. I've also been thinking about changing it from first person narrative to third person narrative, again, which would require me to change the title I have in mind. These title thoughts remind me of the first time I went through this title brainstorming, and I see another brainstorm on the horizon.
    The original title of Plantation Rainbow Blues was Rosewater because Rosewater was the name of the Thomas' plantation at that point. For a long time I liked that title and planned to use it. Then, I'm not sure if I read an article somewhere on book titles or if I just had an epiphany, I decided to change it. I do remember reading an article that said a book title should be no longer than six words and That it should convey what the book is about. You know, that must have been one hell of an epiphany! I must have read this somewhere. Anyhow, I took it to heart and set out to come up with a better title.
    One night my friend Greg and I were on the phone and we started throwing around title ideas. He knew what the story was about and the characters names. So, he suggested I use a characters name in the title like: The Adventures of Jonathan Thomas. I didn't like that at all, but at least the juices were flowing between us. OMG! Did I just say that? Okay, I'm moving on. Keep in mind I was writing these potential titles down as they came so I could mix and match word combo's. I thought about The Wind Has Gone Gay! It's obvious where that came from but something didn't feel right about it to me. There were others like: Antebellum Rainbows, Dixieland Rainbow Blues, Antebellum Rainbow Blues, Rosewater with a sub-title that read Antebellum Skies had Rainbows Too!, The Rainbow Over Rosewater. Jonathan's Rainbow Blues, Blues for Jonathan Thomas and Dixieland Plantation Blues. Then, it hit me. Rainbow Plantation Blues. It instantly felt right to me. It wasn't too wordy and It conveyed what the story was about. I never looked back after that title but I guess that's pretty obvious. That phone call lasted about three hours and some of the title ideas were so bad that I didn't even write them down!
    I was well into the second or third draft by that point. So, I had to go back and change all references to Rosewater to Rainbow, although I did leave in one reference to it for my own personal nostalgia. It wasn't a pain in the rear at all. I was so happy to have come up with such a good title that I felt it would be worth it. I have had people compliment me on the title and ask where and or how I came up with it. So, that's how it happened.

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