Monday, April 15, 2013

writing by traffic light

The weekend was pretty exciting and productive. The editor and chief of SGL BookLovers received my article and he really liked it! He said it's going into the summer 2013 issue of the magazine! So, today I got started on the second installment because, as I might have already said in a previous post, It's going to be a three part series. He said not to worry about whether or not he likes an article personally. He said he would still publish it because you never know what someone else might get out of it. So, I'm not going to pass up this chance to get regular exposure. Oh, I talked to him on the phone last night for two hours and, FYI, he said he liked my article ''personally.'' I also get the feeling a new friendship might be blossoming.
    Another thing is that I'm now up to 32 new pages written on the sequel! That makes 212 longhand pages. It may not seem like much but I feel like steady progress is being made and I'm still going for 100 pages this month, even though the month is half over and I'm still not at 50. If I look back in my records I see that, before I stopped writing, there were days when I wrote up to 10 pages in one day! There were not alot of days like that but there were some. Although I set daily goals, I never know how many pages I'm going to write on a given day. Sometimes I make the goal, sometimes I don't but sometimes I exceed it. So, who knows. There are still over two weeks left in this month. Two or three of them could be 10 page days!
    For me, writing fiction is like slowly putting a very complicated jigsaw puzzle together. The words and the story, like jigsaw puzzle pieces, fit very snugly together to create the right picture in the end. So the entire process is mostly a yellow light, proceed with caution, kind of journey/endeavour. I get red lights when I'm Too tired and/or can't seem to focus and then the green lights come when I'm refreshed and refueled. I call these my Traffic light moods/emotions/cycles. Hey, I have to drive this project somehow!

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