Monday, April 29, 2013

robert ''frustration'' sheeley

Frustration is my middle name these days! My recording engineer gave me a copy of the book trailer on disc but for some reason I couldn't open the entire file. All I could do was hear the audio part of the disc but I couldn't see the video. There are some minor problems with the audio, too. The tempo is too slow and the musical intro is to long. Also, the time lapse between the music ending and my starting to read chapter one is too long. We've been working on this book trailer for about two months now! I'm geting sick of it.  I just want to be done with it!
    I got my bike out of the shop yesterday and with taxes the repairs ended up costing me $104.23. Then I found myself riding hands free again! It must be some kind of unconscious habit. I had to catch myself, put my hands on the handle bars and almost force myself to keep them there! Maybe I also have some kind of  ''unconscious'' hole in my head, too! That was a costly accident. I can't afford to have that happen again.
    Over the weekend I got two pages written. Two frigging pages! I watched the complete first season of How to Make it in America on DVD instead of writing. The show is an HBO drama about these two young guys in NYC who want success so bad they'll do almost anything to get it. So they get their hustle on and go though all this drama. I liked the show, I ordered the second season, but I need to take so pointers! Sitting on my butt and watching a show about two guys hustling to get theirs wont get me mine!
    I have still not started writing my Method Writing article. I have to set some new goals. May is just around the corner. I'm going to use that to make a start fresh. Even the guys on that show had their trying moments.

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