Saturday, March 30, 2013

america's next top rentboy

The Real Divas of Dade County, the ballad opera I recently reviewed, got me to thinking about TV and my relationship to it. At this point in my life I have not owned a TV, or had one in my home, since July 2007. My TV was very old. It died at that time and I guess I had no desire to replace it. I decided to get a small portable DVD player instead and it has suited me just fine.
    The kind of DVDs I watch are, thanks to the drag-queen goddesses above, commercial-free! When I'm in the mood for pure entertainment I watch movies and TV series like: Dark Shadows, Frasier, The Golden Girls and Keeping Up Appearances. The types of reality shows I watch are the more competition style: Rupaul's Drag Race, Project Runway and Hell's Kitchen. I have no desire to be a drag superstar, a fashion designer or a top chef but I relate to their having goals, dreams, ambition and working under pressure. It doesn't really matter to me what the goal, dream, etc. is. The competitors want to get somewhere and their going for it! I'm interested in the struggle to get there and the concentration and focus of energy.
    Now if there was a show called America's Next Top Rentboy my interest would be less with watching ''this weeks challenge'' and more with ''being'' this weeks challenge!
     My question is why is there no reality show for authors: America's Next bestselling author. Maybe their is such a show and I just don't know about it. I hear you can get up to 500 channels, or more, these days. There seems to be a channel/show for just about every subject imaginable. But how would a show like America's Next Bestselling Author work? How could they make the challenges visual and entertaining and what would they be? Can writers be colorful and entertaining enough to keep people watching them? I guess all I do for now is keep using this blog as my sounding board. I think I'm colorful, just look at me, and engaging enough to do that!

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