Sunday, March 17, 2013

at rainbow's end? fat chance!

I literally just finished my re-read of  Rainbow Plantation Blues! I hate to toot my own horn but... HONK HONK! The s#@$ is good! After having not read my work for over three years I can honestly say I still stand by it 100%. If I really want to make it tight, like a drag tucked for the gods, there's a few things I could tweak but that's it. I didn't feel self conscience while re-reading my work. Some actors say they don't watch themselves on screen and some singers say they don't listen to themselves on the radio. But I think writing is different in that it is more a reflection of you than it is you. Your physical self is not involved, only your imagination.
     Now I have to get started on re-reading the sequel draft and then finish writing it. What I mean is that I have to finish writing the first draft after I re-read what I have. Did I just make a rhyme? Okay whatever, I'm just too excited! It feels good to be back in the game!
     For any skeptics out there here is one of several new book reviews I received from Shelly's LGBT Book Review Blog. I'm not the only one tooting my horn! Read it and weep! HONK HONK!

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