Saturday, March 16, 2013

my trekky cousins

I know the layout of yesterdays post looks a hot mess but I had to get it up and I'd rather the layout look a mess than the actual sketches. Oops! Did I suggest that my sketches are fierce? I don't know, you decide.
    Yesterday Greg his partner George and I went to the world premier of a new musical called Space Voyage: The Musical Frontier. It was presented by the InterMission Theater and written by a UW Madison student named Nicholas Connors. The InterMission Theater is a student organization dedicated to showcasing original student-created shows. Space Voyage: The Musical Frontier is a comedic Star Trek parody that takes place in the year 2555. I myself am not big on Star Trek but I assume that Mr. Connors is a trekky. I do understand the trekky mentality though because I am a Dark Shadows enthusiast. Dark Shadows has a cult following with web sites, books, annual conventions, etc. just like Star Trek. I guess I could call myself a darkky but some people might misconstrue that!
    Anyhow, the production was very good. There were a couple rough spots but overall it was well done. Kudos to Mr. Connors. As I watched it I found myself doing more than just entertaining myself. I found myself studying it to see how the plot was weaved together. I was also watching my emotions to see if it was gripping me or holding my attention and if I understood what was going on. It's funny that with movies, musicals and plays you have to visualize the writing but with books, with the exception of children's books, you have to visualize the images. I don't think that most people watching a show are thinking about the writing much less studying it, but I do! Whether it's a character on a stage or a character on a page it's the writer who makes or brakes the story. The characters/actors only complement the writing. I remember watching a Lucille Ball interview in which she was asked why she was so funny. Ms. Ball said ''I'm not. It's my writers!''

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