Friday, March 15, 2013

Looks Ain't Everything...Not!

These are the sketches I did of my main characters.
Kumi- Kumi is a slave on the Rainbow Plantation and is about 24 years old. He's very handsome and very smart. He is nobodies fool and calculates every moment of his life. He knows that one false move could spell disaster for him. So he plays the dumb nigger, but never judge a book by it's cover!


Mary-Mary is somewhere in her early twenties. She is an extremely beautiful, cultured and somewhat naive Southern belle. She has led a sheltered and pampered life but is somehow still unspoiled. It's funny how sheltering and pampering never last.

Stephen- Stephen is around thirty years old. He, like Kumi, is nobodies fool and is something of a maverick. Unlike Kumi he has more freedom to express himself  because he is white. But when one carries the kind of secrets he does being white still may not be enough!

    Rev. Robertson-Rev. Robertson claims to be a man of God. The
    question is does God second that notion?
Rev. Robertson

Jonathan-Jonathan is about twenty-five years old. He is a tall, dark and handsome Southern drink of water! With his thick Southern accent, good manners, graceful masculinity and charm the belles can't get enough. He could ring them all night as far as their concerned! But Jonathan's inner world is not so gorgeous.

Isabelle-Isabelle is the mistress of  Rainbow Plantation and
Jonathan's doting mother. She was once a beautiful Southern belle
like Mary, but the sheltering and pampering of her youth vaporized after she married Jonathan's father.

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