Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Madison, Swissconsin 53703

I arrived in Madison, WI, the buckle on the cheese belt, yesterday at about 7:20PM. I wanted a vacation so I'm here for two weeks visiting my friend Greg and his partner. Madison is a very nice and homey kind of city. I've been here several times before and I always love it.
    Greg works during the day and his partner is out of town for a few days, so that gives me plenty of time to finish my re-reading of the novel and the draft of the sequel. I intend to have all my re-reading done by the time I leave. Okay, I know I could have been done by now but I read slow! Also, when I really like a book or a movie I never want them to end. So, I take my time with them. That might sound silly to some people but I really get swept away in their world and with their lives. I can't help it. The problem is that nagging five year deadline I set for myself. At this rate it might take me five years to re-read everything! No, actually I'm on chapter 15 right now, so progress is being made.
    Tonight we went to see a touring performance of Mary Poppins at the Overture center for the arts in downtown Madison. It was an amazing show and not in the least bit cheesy! The sets, costumes, lighting, sound, acting, musical numbers and dancing were all Practically Perfect. I had a supercalifraglisticexpialidocious time. But now I'm getting tired so I'm calling it a night.

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