Monday, March 11, 2013

trailer trash!

My recording engineer friend finally called me back yesterday and we got together and finished the book trailer voice recordings. Now he has to edit what we did, which includes adding sound effects and music. Actually, yesterday was not the first time we recorded for the trailer. Last Sunday we worked, too. But that time there were way more pauses, flubbed words and phrases, background noises and less characterization/inflection. My co-workers girlfriend also took photos of me that day, which have been photosphopped. Not that I needed it mind you!
    Anyhow, yesterdays session went a lot faster and smoother but there are still some kinks that need working out. Between the two recording sessions there is a lot of material that's going in the garbage but hopefully it will all sound like I did the whole thing in one perfect take. And hopefully it will generate some interest in this blog and my writing, too!

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