Wednesday, March 6, 2013

something smells fishy to me

What smells fishy you ask? Well, we're in the Pisces energy field right now and today is my birthday, so it must be me! Okay, I said smells fishy not is fishy!
    Anyhow, I did practice my chapter one characterizations last night for the book trailer. When I say characterizations I'm talking about the dialogue. I want to bring the characters to life. I don't want to do a flat reading with no inflections and no energy. It's not hard for me to do but it does take practice. You can do some amazing things technologically with editing these days but things like inflection, emotion and energy can't be manipulated with a mixing board and/or a computer.
    I was suppose to get together with my recording engineer today, who is a co-worker of mine who has a recording studio in his basement, but I've not been able to reach him. I contacted the IT consultant I worked with two days ago and he is e-mailing me another file of the sketch image I lost yesterday. So, all I can do is wait to hear from my recording engineer friend and practice my taylor swift, I mean my trailer script, in the meantime. The character images post will be published soon, too!

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