Saturday, June 1, 2013

to BS or not to BS, that is the question!

I've been watching travel DVDs lately. This time I've been watching Rudy Maxa's series entitled Rudy Maxa's World. Rudy goes to Asia and Eastern Europe in this series. I'm always watching Travel DVDs. I fantasise that I'm in these different places writing and experiencing different cultures. In my fantasies I'm not with any tour group. I just carry a backpack, find my way around on my own, meet people, learn the language[s], learn the currency and find all the LGBT people.
     In addition to Rudy Maxa I watch Rick Steves DVDs, Globe Trekker, Bump[the LGBT travel series] and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern . I've been to about half of the states in the U.S. and to Canada, when I was too young to remember it, but that's it.
    So, Rudy and I went to Thailand, India and Turkey last night. Tonight we're going to Russia and Estonia. The only thing I can say these travel shows do for my writing is help to exercise my imagination. They transport me to another place where I have to visualize the possibilities. I have to visualize myself there because There's a lot more to these places than what they show you on the DVD. I think that these exercises in imagination transfer over to my writing and strengthen it. So, watching these DVDs is not me just vegetating on the couch. They do add value.
    See how good a writer I am. Even I could almost buy this...!

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