Wednesday, June 5, 2013

juicy tidbits of history

I just received two books that I ordered last week. One is called Before Stonewall : Activist for Gay and Lesbian Rights in Historical Context and the other is called A Queer History of the United States : Revisioning American History. I will be blogging about my findings in these books. Hopefully I'll unearth some juicy tidbits of LGBT history from them. Did I just say  "'juicy tidbits...''? I'm the only person I know who thinks history can be ''juicy.'' But what can I say? I like it! It holds my interest. I like all history but Black-American and LGBT history are my favorites. Maybe that's because I'm both Black and Gay.
    What I find interesting about my personal reading habits is that I don't read fiction at all. I write fiction but I couldn't read it to save my life! Well, that might not be true. If someone said ''read this novel or die'' I would probably read it, but if left to my own discretion it's not going to happen. The last fiction book I read was James Earl Hardy's B-Boy Blues back in 1997. I enjoyed it a lot, and I'm an admirer of Hardy, but there has been nothing since. I read all historical, biographical and metaphysical/spiritual/new age kinds of books.
    So, you might ask yourself, if he doesn't read fiction how can he write it and why would he want to? My answer is that I think fiction is nothing but an artistic/creative mixture of historical, biographical and metaphysical/spiritual ideas woven together to tell a story. Fictitious stories are ''tidbits'' of history, biography and spirituality turned ''juicy''! I like writing fiction because I'm an artsy kind of person. I've dabbled in most areas of the arts; acting, singing, dancing, painting, drawing/sketching, songwriting and now fiction writing, my entire life.
    Rainbow Plantation Blues is the culmination of my Blackness and Gayness, and my love of history and art/creativity. It is a window into my personality.

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