Saturday, June 15, 2013

my writing well ran dry this week

 I had a Friend from Cincinnati staying with me this week. So, I played host and entertainer and got no writing done all week, unless I count this blog. My friend is a concert violinist and he has a show tonight at the Ohio theater. He's been here for a week because he had rehearsals to go to.
    Last night we went to a modern dance performance by the Antaeus Dance Company and the Akros Percussion Collective. It was absolutely mind blowing! I had never seen a performance were modern dancers and musicians performed together on the same stage. The music/musicians were as much a part of the performance as the dancers and the music was very avant garde. Composer John Cage comes to mind when trying to describe it. Another friend of mine is a dancer with the Antaeus Dance Company and that's how I came to know about last nights performance. I love modern dance, modern art and anything avant garde, so this show was right up my alley. It was also free, which is also right up my alley! It was some sort of collaborative effort between Antaeus, Akros and the PBS Idea Center, which is in Cleveland's theater district. ''I'll take theater for $200.00, Alex. This is the largest theater district outside of Broadway in New York City? what is Playhouse Square in Cleveland, OH. You are correct! $200.00 to the gentleman from Cleveland.'' I just thought I'd add that little aside in case your ever on Jeopardy!
    Anyhow, I did have one interesting thing happen that's related to my writing this week. I found out about a web site called Kickstarter is a site for creative artist's to seek backers and raise money for they're projects. They work with musicians, designers, authors, inventors, filmmakers, painters/sculptors etc. People go to the site looking for artistic projects to support. I checked out the site and found that my writing project meats they're criterion. So, I will be setting up a profile on the site. Who knows, maybe I'll get a good cash flow going to publish and promote my work. So, next week my ''writing well'',as I call my ability to crank out the pages, should be full and overflowing, at least it better be. I haven't dipped into it all week!

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