Monday, June 3, 2013

what's nancy reagan got to to do with it?

I'm off to a good start this month with my goals. I've already written my one article for SGL BookLovers magazine. It's called Politics and Prose and it's about weaving politics, or political issues, into ones' writing and how to do effectively. I'm not saying I'm some kind of authority on ''politics and prose.'' I just talk about how I weave politics into my writing and hope that I can help somebody else with what I've learned.
    I've written three whole pages on the sequel so far this month! But this picking up shifts on my day job is starting again, already. I picked up a shift this afternoon and, before I could get out the door I was asked to come back and close tonight! Of course, I said yes. Tomorrow I have to be back at 9:00AM and then work until 4:00PM. I picked up that shift last week. Then I have to comeback at 8:00PM, my regular shift, and close again! So, as soon as I finish blogging today I'll have to eat, chill for a minute, and go back to work. I'm not going to be able to write tonight. It's really quite the dilemma because I could use the money, but these extra shifts take up all my time and I'm too tired to write. I'm just going to have to work it out somehow. Maybe I'll just have to push myself harder, or maybe I'll just have to do a Nancy Reagan and ''just say no!''

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