Saturday, June 29, 2013

forging ahead no matter what!

There is no excuse for my poor productivity this month! I only got fourteen pages of the sequel written this entire month! Yeah, I had company for a week and had to play host and I picked up extra shifts on my day job but I still could have pushed myself more. There were several days were I chose to watch a DVD in stead of writing.
    The goal I set for June to get an author page/profile set up on and really went south. I didn't even contact my IT consultant to get started on it! But, as I posted yesterday, the book trailer is posted on YouTube and I got three new articles written for Rainbow Lit magazine's fall issue. I don't think they will all go into the fall issue but I guess it's possible. Anyhow, Rainbow Lit is the new name for SGL BookLovers magazine. Clevester, the editor, called me maybe a week ago and told me he was changing the name. I've only sent him one article as of this post though. I have also kept up with my blog posting goals, which may not be work on the sequel itself but it is writing.
    So, that's my June in review. I guess getting a little something done is better than getting nothing done, even if that something feels like next to nothing! Now it's time to forget about what I didn't do in June, look forward to July and start fresh. I have not determined my specific goals for July yet but I will by July 1st. One thing I do know for sure is that I'm forging ahead no matter what!

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