Monday, June 17, 2013

hell's articles!

Okay, so my friend from Cincinnati is gone. Having a guest was fine but I lost my bearings and couldn't focus on my writing. Now I can regroup and get back to work this week.
     Last night I went over to my co-workers house who's doing the book trailer for me. I finally saw the whole thing from beginning to end and it looks really good! But I did ask him to tweak four things before we post it on YouTube and daily motion. One is to add to the list of online places to order a copy[s]. Second, I asked him to add this blogspot address to the end blub for anyone who might want to read my postings or follow my writing journey. Three, the blurb at the end of the video says in part ''if you like what you've heard,'' I read the entire first chapter in the the trailer,''and would like to see more you can order at...'' Well, I asked him to change the word ''see'' to ''read.'' Also there is a part where we slowly scroll down the length of the cover close up, but it starts beneath the title. I asked him to scroll down the entire cover starting at the title. That's all that needs to be done. Everything else is, like I said earlier, really good! He said he should be done tweaking by tomorrow night at the latest, but I asked him not to post it until I've seen the tweaks. I want everything to look just right.
   Something told me to read the two articles I recently wrote, for SGL BookLovers magazine, to the editor  before I sent them and I'm glad I did. I read them to him over the phone Saturday night and, unlike my first three articles which will be published in the summer 2013 issue of the magazine, he had some suggestions for these two.  The one entitled Politics and Prose he said needed to be longer. The other one entitled Writing is a drag he said seemed to be talking about two different issues. He asked me to send him the second one so he can read it himself  and see what he thinks after that. I already have some ideas for lengthening the Politics and Prose article.
     I like the pressure in being challenged to do something better. It reminds me of those aspiring chefs in Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen. The magazine editor didn't use expletives, in fact he was very nice, but I do feel some pressure. It's all good though because I know I can, and will, improve those articles.

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