Monday, June 10, 2013

we'll be right back... after this important message!

We'll be right back with more... Queer History of the United States after this important message from our sponsor [I mean our blogger!] Do you read my blog regularly? Do you ever say to yourself  ''I thought this was a blog about his personal quest to finish his Rainbow Plantation Blues trilogy? So, why does he post about Gay history, books he's read/reading and DVDs and shows he's seen? Well, it's because I use new and improved I have to post about something everyday! My quest to finish my Rainbow Plantation Blues Trilogy can be, shall I say, uneventful. Some days nothing interesting happens and some days nothing happens at all! I came to realize that the process of writing, publishing and promoting a book can be one big yawn!  To blog about it five days a week, which is the blogging goal I set for myself, is almost impossible. Yes, I could say ''today I wrote two pages. It was a lot of fun writing those two pages today. My goal for tomorrow is to write three pages!" Or, on the days when I don't do anything at all I could post about how I watched Dewayne Does Dallas, Debbie's not my type, and stuffed my face with raw veggies, I don't eat bonbons, all day!
   But with new and improved I have to post about something everyday I can post about things that are at least semi-interesting, and keep my readers coming back for more! I can brainstorm for post ideas and keep my five day goal alive!
    So, there you have it, folks. Order your very own I have to post about something every day right now! Get it so you can think of something to post about, too!

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