Monday, July 1, 2013

let the summer begin!

Okay, I've decided to do things a little different from now on. Instead of setting  new goals every month I'm going to set them every season. So, I'm actually behind because we're already ten days into summer, but that's alright. I'll just have to work harder. My summer 2013 goals are as follows:
    1. get the entire sequel manuscript written[at least the first draft of it]
    2. get a fan page posted on facebook
    3. continue blogging five days a week
    4. get an author page/profile posted on
    5. get an author page/profile posted on
    6. get six new articles written and sent to Clevester at Rainbow Lit magazine
    7. get a profile posted on
    8. stay focused on my affirmations and meditations.
    9. get a boyfriend and live happily ever after[I'm currently accepting applications!]
    10. promote my book trailer
    So, these are my goals for summer 2013. I've always been a goal oriented person and it's a part of  my personality that has served me well. I don't always make my goals but sometimes I do! The important thing is to have them so I have something productive and constructive to occupy my time and to work towards. Sometimes I get lazy and/or discouraged but I just renew my determination when I fall back, and that's constantly! So, let the summer begin!

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