Friday, August 23, 2013

turning water into wine

So, what effect did all this gender segregation in housing, racial segregation in public facilities and sexual regulation in private bedrooms have on American Society at large ? Well, for one thing it forced African-Americans and LGBT's into their own neighborhoods. Greenwich Village and Harlem flourished with very distinct cultures of their own. When people are marginalized, stigmatized and criminalized it forces them to have to work together and rely on their own to turn water into wine, so to speak. African-American and LGBT cultural expression, instead of being snuffed out, was nourished, cultivated and fine tuned.
    African-American LGBT's during the Harlem renaissance, and some white LGBT's, were basically excepted in Harlem. People of color were much more excepted in Greenwich Village than in other parts of NYC. African-American Culture in Harlem was so appealing that uptown whites flocked there to see shows, cabarets and hear jazz in it's famous clubs. One famous Harlem performer of the 1930's was Gladys Bentley who performed in men's clothing. There was also an infamous drag queen from Chicago named Gloria Swanson who opened up her own Harlem nightclub, which was very popular.

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