Wednesday, August 28, 2013

''tap dat ass'' kinds of stuff!

I found out some disturbing news about that book trailer my ex-coworker, he has sense left the job, and I made and posted on YouTube back in early July. It turns out that it has no description and no link to more information about me and my work. It's also on his account, which I knew, but apparently he's got a bunch of videos posted that, shall I say, don't fit my image as an author. My friend and IT consultant discovered all this in researching my name on YouTube. I guess I'm not all that familiar with how YouTube works but I thought he would be since he has a YouTube account. She also suggested that the video itself be redone. She said she can redo it and have it flagged to be taken down or off his account. I'm not exactly sure how all this works and that's why I hire people to do IT work for me. She said it only has fourteen views and we concluded that that was probably a good thing. She said that his other videos are all raunchy ''tap dat ass'' kinds of  stuff! I can't be associated with that!
    In other news, listen to me trying to sound like a anchorman, I got an e-mail reply from Clevester about my ''issues'' with the summer issue of Rainbow Lit magazine. If your reading this for the first time you can go back to my August 14, 2013 shit happens...! post to catch-up on what I'm talking about. Anyhow, he said that he deliberately changed the title of the article to coincide with summer and to let him know the page numbers where the typos are so he can re-read it. I have talked to him on the phone since that e-mail but we didn't talk about the magazine. I didn't bring it up and neither did he. I may or may not even bring it up again. I'm still going to send Clevester articles for the magazine regardless, but I'm also going to post them on Facebook fan page, too!

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