Tuesday, August 13, 2013

milking publicity until the end!

I finally got my summer print issue of Rainbow Lit magazine! It looks good and my three part article series looks good, too. I have not read them yet, though. I talked to Clevester, the editor and chief, over the weekend and he explained in detail what had happened to make it so late. It was basically the typical challenges that come with publishing a magazine, or publishing anything for that matter! He said he is going to give it another year and see how things go before deciding whether or not to fold. That tells me to keep writing articles until I squeeze every possible drop of self-promotion that I can out of my association with Rainbow Lit! I intend to have something in every issue whether it's an article, a short story or the short ''self-promotion'' memoir I'm working on. I have to milk all the publicity I can, while I can, out of it!
    Today I worked all morning at my day job and I have a four hour break, then I have go back tonight at eight o'clock and work until we close, so I'm going to close this post. Tomorrow I'm off and I'll continue my study of A Queer History of the United States.

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