Monday, August 26, 2013

a wolf in sheep's clothing

Yesterday I had another meeting with my friend/IT consultant. We took some pictures of me and set up my facebook fan page. We still have a lot to do but at least the ball is finally rolling. My facebook profile I set up back in 09 was still there just as I left it. The last time I was on it was April 2011. To be perfectly honest, I'm not thrilled about social networking sites but they are good for self promotions. I think there something of a wolf in sheep's clothing but that's another subject.
    So, I'm going to meet with her again next Sunday and we'll continue getting my profile/page together. I want to link this blog to it somehow and get my book cover next to my photo. I also want to take more pictures. Getting good pictures is not as easy as it seems, at least not for me. I don't know if it's because I'm not photogenic or because I'm just picky but I always seem to take scores of them before I find one or two that I like. I would also like to post chapter one and eventually make some videos. We also talked about linking my Amazon Author Central account, which we still have to set-up, and links to places were people can order the book.
    I road my bike to meet my friend yesterday. It was twenty- four miles there and back. I love long distance biking. For some bikers twenty-four miles is nothing! For most people in general biking Twenty-four miles is amazing. It took me an hour and ten minutes each way. I say that's pretty good!

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