Friday, August 16, 2013

the politics of language part two

So, sexology may have had a stronghold on public opinion regarding Homosexuality but that stronghold was not 100%. Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman's lover, released his widely read autobiography Prison Memoir of an Anarchist in 1912. In the book he talked frankly about Homosexuality in prison and it tore sexology's ''inversion'' theory, which I talked about yesterday, to shreds!
    There were other books released around this time that talked frankly about LGBT lives without being connected to sexology, like the ''Homosexual narratives''  that I talked about yesterday were, too. Earl Lind, A.K.A Jennie June, released his Autobiography of a Androgyne in 1919 and out Lesbian Mary Casal released her autobiography The Stone Wall in 1930. In it, she predicted that ''a man's love for a man and a women's love for a women will be studied and understood as it never has been in the past.''
    Sexology's willingness to talk about Homosexuality ''scientifically'' opened up a public interest in discussions of sex education and birth control, too. It seems to me that the social purity movement opened up Pandora's box in trying to repress issues of sex and sexuality.

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