Wednesday, August 14, 2013

shit happens...!

I read my three part articles in Rainbow Lit and an author interview last night and I found a few typos in one of my articles and one in the interview. The title of that same article is changed, too. It was suppose to be Six hours of Spring but it reads Six Hours of Summer. I know that the typos are mistakes but I'm not sure about the title change.  If it's not a mistake it still changes the premise of the article in that I was talking about the creative and artistic benefits of springtime energy in the daily seasons. I wont go into great detail about the daily seasons here but the basic idea comes from Chinese medicine. It says that the four seasons of the year also exist in a single day. These ''daily seasons'' are energy fields that one can use to plan they're daily activities around to balance the day. I hope that ''makeshift'' explanation is clear enough.
    Anyhow, I sent Clevester an e-mail telling him of the typos and the title problem. I know it's too late to fix anything now, since the magazine is out, but I thought he should know. I also went back and looked at the spring issue and found some typos there, too. In the e-mail I offered to proof read future issues before they are published for him. Sometimes the author/publisher is too close to they're work and they need another pair of eyes to look for errors and typos they might have missed. I had several people proof read my novel before it was published. There is no point in getting upset over things like this. All you can do is recognize and rectify then so they don't happen again. Shit happens, but you carry on regardless!

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