Friday, August 30, 2013

my bio draft part one

Today I have to draft a bio for my Facebook fan page and my Amazon Author Central account. So, here I

 I was born in Cleveland, OH in the tumultuous year of 1968. I was raised in Cleveland and Geneva, OH. Upon graduating from Geneva High School in 1987 I moved to Hollywood, CA with the hope of succeeding as a singer. After less than a year of living there I moved back to Ohio, but continued to write and record songs, perform, take voice lessons and send out demos for many years in Cleveland.
    By the late 1990's I found myself drifting away from music and moving into political activism. I had always liked to read non-fiction and throughout my pursuit of music I was reading a lot of biographies, history[mostly African-American, LGBT, Women's and labor history] and politics. But I thought my studies were just a side interest . Slowly, I began to feel that the last thing the world needed was another pop star and that political activism might be a better service to humanity. So, I got involved with some local LGBT political groups and began to network and organize. A lot of my political work involved writing letters to the editor, speeches and articles. All of my letters, speeches and articles were well received and this is when I first realized that I might have a talent for writing. I had also begun to recall peoples' casual compliments on my song lyrics. I thought my lyrics had always been secondary to my singing, dancing and acting but as I looked back I saw that it might have been the other way around all along.

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