Saturday, August 10, 2013

our friends the anarchist part two

Getting back to the turn of the century anarchist, I would like to point out that anarchism has been grossly misunderstood. I've studied the life of Emma Goldman, a famous anarchist, and from what I gather it's not about chaos and mayhem. It sounds more like something similar to an indigenous system based on common law principles. And many LGBT's are quick to point out that most indigenous societies/cultures were or are excepting of LGBT's.
    Anyhow, speaking of Emma Goldman, she was an especially outspoken advocate of LGBT's. Goldman lived from 1869 to 1940 and what a life she led. When Oscar Wilde was convicted of sodomy in 1895 and imprisoned she publicly spoke out against his conviction on the grounds that it was none of the states business what he did in the privacy of his bedroom.
    The anarchist movement had a profound impact on today's LGBT movement in that both it's ideas of liberation and civil rights are based in anarchist thought. The labor movement presented the idea of an oppressed ''class'' of people from many different racial, ethnic, national and cultural backgrounds coming together with one common grievance.
     I'm beginning to see a kind of ''science'' to the study of history that I've not seen before. No events are isolated or independent of others and they stretch across time and space effecting one another over the centuries.

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