Thursday, August 29, 2013

london river : a review

I know I need to get back to my study of A Queer History of the United States. I also need to write a bio for my facebook fan page, which I intend to write on this blog. But today I'm going to write a review of a  great movie I saw last night called London River. It takes place in the aftermath of the London 7/7 bus bombing back in 2005. A British women who lives on the island of Guernsey and a West African man who lives in France have children that live in London and they are concerned for there safety. They both come to London to try and find them but to no avail. They end up meeting each other and having to work together to find their children. The problem is that they come from completely different cultural  backgrounds and they have to overcome their differences to achieve their objective.
    The actress who plays the women is Brenda Blethyn and the West African man is Sotigui Kouyate. All I can say about them both is that I now have two new names added to my list of favorite actors, and I will be on the look out for more of their work. Blethyn had a look and style similar to my other favorite British actress Patricia Routledge of Keeping Up Appearances and Heddy Wainthropp Investigates Fame but with something uniquely her own that I cannot put into words. Kouyate was unlike anyone I've ever seen before. Both of these actors are clearly seasoned professionals and at the top of their game.
    The story was well written and required actors who could portray ordinary, everyday, working class parents with a genuine concern for their children. The casting director knew exactly what they doing when they cast Blethyn and Kouyate. Another thing I loved about the film was the setting. It took place in a working class, mostly Muslin neighborhood of London. An armchair traveler, like myself, really got to see the London that you just don't see on most travel shows. I also felt like the neighborhood with it's store fronts, traffic and bustle was a character of it's own that added perfectly to the sober mood and look of the film. Do I recommend that you see this movie? Take a Guess!

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