Monday, July 8, 2013

i refuse to get divorced!

I mailed the ninety pages I've written, since I resumed work on my sequel back in April, to my typist today. My typist is my friend Greg who I went to visit In Wisconsin back in March. He's going to Singapore and Malaysia this month and he wanted something to occupy his time on the plane. I think he said the flight is seventeen hours or something like that. I would go insane on a flight that long! Anyhow, I suggested I send him photo copies of the pages I've written so far for him to type on the plane. Of course, I was only thinking of him. He said ''sure'',so now he gets to go on an exciting vacation and type my pages at the same time, the lucky devil! Actually, he's a pretty fast typist. It may not be enough work to pass the entire time, but if it's not it will pass some of it.
     I have dreams of traveling the world myself. For now, the best I can do is watch my Discovery Atlas DVD's, among others. Discovery Atlas is amazing because you get an intimate look into the personal lives, dreams and goals of average people who live in whatever country they're featuring. It's a kind of biographical travel series like Anthony Bourdain's No reservations is a food travel series.
     I sent Clevester at Rainbow Lit my second article today, also. Now I only have four more to send to make my goal of six this summer. That means I have to write three more and I have no idea what they will be about. All I know is that they will have to do with writing, but I'm not worried. I'll come up with something.
    I must admit that the lackluster writing output I had in June has spilled over into July. In other words, I haven't written one new page, so far, this month! How pathetic is that! But I have been blogging, sending articles to Rainbow Lit and doing other promotional work. I'm not going to deny that writing is a struggle for me, because it is! But no matter how much I struggle with my writing, book promotions, etc. I will not stop. It's my purpose, my ''something to do'' in life. It's my gay marriage and I refuse to get divorced!

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