Saturday, July 20, 2013

vegetating is not an option!

  I'm suspending my A Queer History of the United States today. I'll come back to it on Monday. My friend Greg left for Southeast Asia today. I talked to him earlier this week and he said he received the longhand photo copies of the sequel pages I sent him[ something sounds wrong with that sentence but I'm leaving it anyhow]. He said he'll get them typed on the plane. Now all I have to do is write more pages! I have not written in about a month! All I've been doing is working like a fiend at my day job, but I have been a little under the weather, too. I'm struggling with my determination to write but it's not writer's block. I just don't feel motivation. So, I've been working like crazy to stay busy and to keep myself distracted from the fact that I'm not writing. For example, I just got off as I write this post at 4:00PM and I have to be back tonight at 10:00PM and work graveyard. Then, I have to go back at 11:00AM tomorrow morning! I know that's insane but I must be productive somehow! If I'm not going to write I'm going to work and that's that! I refuse to stay at home and vegetate in front of the DVD player. Part of me feels like it's okay to be in a rut once in awhile. Maybe my creative juices need replenishing. Well, no matter whats going on, I have to get off this computer and go home, eat, rest and get ready to go back to work tonight.

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