Thursday, July 25, 2013

life in the blogosphere[so far]

I finished Chapter four of A Queer History of the United States yesterday and tomorrow I'll begin postings on chapter five. But before I do I've decided to talk about blogging. I've been blogging consistently since February and I have to say it's been good. Sometimes it feels like going to work and I don't feel like doing it but I must maintain my consistency. Once I do it, and I'm finished, I'm always glad I didn't blow it off. I think consistency and commitment are the keys to a successful blog. I also think It takes along time to build a blog. I've only been at this for five months but people work at building they're blog for years! The blogger can do things to promote his/her blog but people also surf the web and just find it, too. If people see that your last posting was six months or a year ago they'll just say ''well this %$@#&* ain't doing nothin' with this blog'' and they wont come back. You have to stay fresh and current.
    As far as using all of my blogs' features are concerned, I've not been doing so great. I have not posted any photos or videos and I've only done one link. But to be perfectly honest it's because I don't know how to do those things! I'm sure there are features on my blog that I don't even know about, let alone how to use them! I just see my blog, and myself as a blogger, as a work in progress. I know that I will grow as a blogger and my blog will reflect that growth over time. For now my main blogging goal is to maintain consistency.
    I still don't have any new followers, there are not a lot of readers and there has been no comments on any of my postings but I feel that I have to earn followers, readers and comments. People have to feel the bloggers commitment. It's like earning trust in any other area of life, it takes time. So, I'm five months into my blogging journey and I've come too far to turn back. I'll just keep blogging for myself and the handful of people who visit my blog and think no more about it. There's always a pay-off for perseverance.

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