Saturday, September 7, 2013

personal interest and books I like

Today I'm suspending my A Queer History of the United States studies. I'll get back to it on Monday. I'm going to post some things I need for my Facebook fan page and then forward them to my friend/IT consultant. I need to compile a list of personal interest and books that I like. So, here I go!
 Personal interest                        
 1. metaphysics                                  
 2. spirituality                                          
 3. history                                            
 4. spoken word performance art              
 5. poetry slams                                  
 6. adult movies                                      
 7. old Hollywood movies                    
 8. drawing and sketching                    
 9. roller coasters                                      
 10. 80's music                                        
 11. club dance music/club dancing
 12. homeopathy
 13. medieval music
 1. Barnabas and Company : The Cast of the TV Classic Dark Shad
 2. Rainbow Plantation Blues[of course]
 3. Before Stonewall : Activist for Gay and Lesbian Rights in Historical Context
 4. The Complete Poems of Langston Hughes
 5. The Holly Bible
 6. Creative Visualization : Use the Power of your Imagination to Create what you want in your Life
 7. Grayson Hall : A Hard Act to Follow
     The personal interest are pretty much complete.  Biking, reading and writing and drag shows are already on Facebook. The books will definitely be added to later.

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