Wednesday, September 18, 2013

apple pie tandoori style

Today's post has absolutely nothing to do with writing, Gay history or my journey to write, publish and promote my books. It can be said that it has historical importance though and I was so excited and happy that I had to blog about it. Yesterday I found out that our newly crowned Miss American is an Indian-American women named Nina Daviluri. It was the best news I had heard all day and when I saw her picture I was not surprised that she is drop dead gorgeous!
    I watched the Bollywood fusion dance she did for the talent competition on YouTube and it was great! I loved it! She is the first Indian-American Miss America and I am thrilled for her! Congratulations to Miss Duviluri!
    I remember back in 1983 when Vanessa Williams was crowned the first African-American Miss America. That was exciting to me, too. But it was even more exciting to see her rebound in the 1990's from the nude photo scandal that forced her to renounce her crown. Everyone thought that that was the end of her but she, apparently, new better! There have been a few other African-American Miss Americas since Vanessa, including the first runner-up who replaced her, but other races are still untitled. I'm not saying that Miss America is about race but it wasn't until the late 1950's that non-white women could even enter the contest! And America is, and always has been, a melting pot of all kinds of people and cultures and Miss America should reflect that array.
    Of course there are people who don't see it that way. Miss Duviluri has already had a lot of nasty things said about her on twitter and other social media but that is to be expected and I'm sure Miss Daviluri knows that. Those people are to be payed no mind! The boat needs to be rocked every once in awhile.
     From what I understand, this year there was a tattooed contestant, a disabled contestant and the first runner-up was Asian-American! I wouldn't have minded seeing one of them win either. And if they really want to rock the boat crown an open Lesbian or, better yet, a transgendered contestant!
    Anyhow America, your ''apple pie'' will be served tandoori style for the next year! So, like my girl Alyssa Edwards from RuPaul's Drag race said: get a grip, get a life and get over it!

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