Tuesday, September 10, 2013

hidden in plain site

I talked to a friend today and she brought up an interesting subject : hidden in plain site. This is the whole story. A few months ago this same friend told me about an interview she heard on some radio show where a writer was talking about how he had written a book but it wasn't selling. Then, he decided to post the entire book on the Internet and it started to sell! I listened to what she was saying but I didn't except it or reject it at that time. I just ''filed'' it, so to speak, in my memory and didn't think anymore of it.
    Today I talked to her again and we started talking about how the FDA post/list on their web site all the poisons, toxins and junk that go into our food and medications. The CDC also post/list on their web site all the toxins and poisons that go into vaccines and what the effects are. It's all there, as plain as day, for anybody to read and print! The idea is called hidden in plain site and it's a kind of natural law. If you hide something in plain site it actually increases the energy of what your hiding! And the proof is in the pudding since people are eating as much, if not more, toxic junk food, taking more pharmaceuticals and getting more vaccinations than ever. They even list the potential ''side-effect'' of these pharmaceuticals on their TV commercials, some of which are worse than the condition one would take the drug for in the first place, and the masses still flock to their doctor to get them!
    The conversation took me through my memory files and I mentioned that writer she told me about a few months ago who posted his entire book on the web and increased the sales. That was hidden in plain site, too. Hidden in plain site can be used for benevolence, malevolence or neutrality. I've decided that I'm going to post my entire novel Rainbow Plantation Blues on the web.

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