Tuesday, September 3, 2013

come hell or high water!

Yesterday I had my third meeting with my friend/IT consultant. It went well but our time was cut short because the place we were at closed early because it was labor day. So, we cut and pasted the bio[s] that I just drafted on this blog to my facebook fan page bio. I guess they weren't drafts though because we didn't change a word. We also started to do the favorite books and personal interest sections, but I needed to think more about what to put on them so their not finished yet.
    We also did something I didn't expect. We set-up an advertising account with facebook. This is something they offer to advertise your page. As of this post my fan page has 23 likes, but with advertising I could draw hundreds or even thousands of people to my fan page! That could mean more book sales and/or awareness of my work. I'm determined to spread awareness of Rainbow Plantation Blues if it's the last thing I do! I'm also determined to be a famous author/blogger come hell or high water! Turning back is not an option! Now I only  have to come up with the money to pay for my ad. I have an idea of where I might get it though.
    I finally started work on the sequel again after a two month hiadus on September first. Why did I take a hiadus you ask? well, Because some times I'm a lazy cow! Anyhow, I picked up right where I left off like I never stopped, and I have five more pages written! Writing this sequel is kicking me in the rear-end but I've got to finish it! I want to finish it! I need to finish it!

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