Monday, September 23, 2013

now it's hollywood's turn part two

A Queer History of the united states... So, by the 1920's it was clear to everyone that motion pictures were here to stay and would have a huge impact on popular culture and society in general. Like I said in part on of Now it's Hollywood's Turn LGBT's had rarely been seen in Hollywood films and the social purity/ moralist wanted to keep it that way! They basically gave the budding movie industry an ultimatum, either censor yourself or we'll get the government do it! these were the same Catholic and Protestant layman and clergy that strong armed the the New York state and city governments to regulate the Broadway stage.
   They gave William Hayes, the head of the movie industries trade association, with a list of ''subjects and themes to avoid.'' The list was huge, very restrictive and came to be known as the Hays Code. It was enforced from 1930 to 1968, Here are a few of it's precepts :
    1.Miscegenation[relationships between the white and Black races]
    2.White slavery
    3.Any inference of sex perversion[this is were they got LGBT's]
    4.Sex hygiene/venereal diseases
    5. Ridicule of clergy[how convenient!]
    6.Profanity[ which included God, Lord, Jesus Christ!, etc.]
    7.Illegal traffic of drugs
    To quote directly from A Queer History of the United States,''The censorship process would occur during film production, ensuring that there was little chance of questionable material even being filmed.''
I personally don't agree with any form of censorship, but I am a fan of old movies from ''the code'' era. They have a ''wholesome'' quality that I must admit I like and I know it's because of the Hays Code. I often wonder what movies from that era would have been like if the Hays Code had not existed.

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