Monday, May 13, 2013

before stonewall, after 1899

I really enjoyed posting my ''obscure words'' series. I'm sad that it's over, but I do have another ''obscure'' series up my sleeve. It's going to be on obscure LGBT history. Everybody can tell you about the stonewall riots in 1969, but there is alot that went on before stonewall. In fact, I believe if it were not for the events prior to stonewall there may not have been a stonewall!
    I'm going to discuss things like who was the first gay rights activist? What was the name of the first known gay rights organization in the world and where was it? What was the first gay rights organization in the U.S., who started it and where was it? How did a gay connection almost bring down the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the entire Black civil-rights movement? We all read The Advocate, Out and Genre magazines like it's no big deal, but what was the first gay/lesbian magazine to be distributed nationwide, and why was it a ''big deal''? Who was the first transsexual and when did she cut it off? Alot of people don't know these things, especially younger people. So, I'm happy to share what I've learned with whomever is interested. Of course, I know this blog is about my writing but my writing is historical fiction. History is the source of my inspiration, so it is very relevant to my work. I'll just give intermittent updates on my day to day writing and promotion dramas.
     I don't know how long my Before Stonewall, After 1899 series will be because it's a vast area of study. Alot of it I know off the top of my head from years of study, but some things I might have to research. The question is what hidden gems will I uncover in the process of my research? I suspect there will be alot! I'll let the series go as long as it goes. After all if we don't know where we've been how can we know where we're going, right?

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