Saturday, October 18, 2014

I've finally made a dent!

I received my Hollywood 2014 pitchfest results back on Wednesday and two movie studios/production companies are reading my novel! There were ten studio/production company reps there. They sent us ten response cards that had the book title, the authors name, a ''pitch review,'' best medium for adaptation, personal feedback and the company response. The pitch review section has three sections; originally of idea, marketability and effectiveness of pitch. The reps could choose from ''very''[original, marketable and effective], ''somewhat...'', or ''needs improvement''. Each rep had to check one box. ''Medium for adaptation'' had five categories, studio feature film, independent feature film, television series, movie of the week and theater. The personal feedback section could be any personal comment they wanted to make and the company feedback box gave then one of two options: ''please have Author Solutions send a copy of your book for further concideration'' or ''not what our company is looking for at this time.''
    Like I said, I had two companies check the ''please have Author Solutions send us a copy...'' box and everyone of them checked the ''independent feature film box'' but everything else was a mixed bag. That's okay though. It's just their professional opinions about my originality, marketability and pitch. Although nobody said my ''originality of idea'' needed improvement, some said my marketability and pitch effectiveness did. That's to be expected[in my professional opinion]. You can't please everybody. But others said I was very marketable and loved my pitch! The interesting thing about all this is that some companies loved or liked my originality, marketability and my pitch but my story simply wasn't what their company is looking for right now. So, they didn't have Author solutions send them a book. I'm satisfied with my results from the pitchfest. I now know that I have the ability to write a professional pitch that can get results. All I can do now is wait and keep saying my affirmations/meditations.
    This is not the first time in my life that I tried to take Hollywood. Back in 1987 I moved there hoping to become a singer/song writer. For years, I took voice lessons, sang in cabarets, did community theater, recorded original music and sent out demo after demo but the Hollywood machine is tough to crack. After ten years of all that I got nowhere, but all these years later I've made a dent. I've finally made a dent! My heartfelt thanks goes out to Author Solutions.

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