Thursday, October 9, 2014

the police, a jerk-off [literally] and no word

I still haven't heard anything from Author Solutions[ the company I work with on all of my major promo campaign's]on whether or not any of the movie studio/production company reps chose to read my novel or not. If nobody chose to read it it's all over! If they did, then I could still have a chance to get optioned. Part of me wants to know and part of me doesn't. Anyhow, all I can do right now is wait and hope. But today a co-worker told me that she had a dream where I came to work telling everybody that ''I got it!'' She said that the ''it'' was something related to the book-to-screen festival.
    I've been thinking a lot about my trip to LA lately, the parts not related to the book-to-screen festival. On the bus to L.A. I met some pretty interesting characters. I use the word ''characters'' because that's exactly what they were.Characters! It was a long ride from Cleveland to L.A. and people tend to get to know one another spending so much time together. They also tend to get diarrhea of the mouth! People were telling me, a perfect stranger, their life stories! On the other hand, who better to air all your dirty laundry to than someone you'll never see again? Little did they know I was an author who finds peoples stories fascinating. I was hanging on their every word!
    Some aspects of the bus ride were even more outrageous though. On the way back there was a guy sitting in the seat across the aisle from me who decided to jerk-off right there on the bus! I couldn't believe it! I could see everything [which was quite impressive] and he couldn't have cared less! Also on the way back some police got on the bus and started asking passenger's where they going and if they could search our luggage! In the end, I was the only passenger who refused to tell them where I was going or let them search my backpack. Why should I have? I had done nothing wrong. I was sitting there minding my own business and trying to get home. So, I saw no reason for them to know where I was going much less search my baggage. They thanked me[for nothing I guess] and moved on.
    Something happened my first full day in L.A. that threatened to defeat the whole purpose of my being there in the first place. My aunt had gone to work in the morning and left me a set of keys to her apartment. I decided to go for a walk and to the grocery store at about 10 AM. After I got what I wanted and was leaving the store, I realized I didn't have my aunt's keys! I went back into the store and asked the cashier if anybody had turned in a set of lost keys. She said no. Then I retraced my steps throughout the store thinking I might have left them on a shelf or something, but they were nowhere to be found. By now I'm starting to panic! I repeated the retracing of my steps and asking that same cashier if anybody had turned in a set of lost keys at least one-hundred times! I had gone way beyond a state of panic. I was in tears and probably looking like a crazy person, which I'm sure is what prompted the police to make a u-turn on the street and question me. First they asked me what was wrong. I told them my lost key story and then they asked me if I was in trouble with the police or had any warrants, felonies, etc! I was taken aback and told them no. Well, I guess that's all they cared about because then they said ''well, we hope you find your keys" and sped off!
    By now it was about 12 noon. I couldn't contact my aunt, who wasn't going to be home until around 6 PM. But I was suppose to be at the opening reception for the book-to-screen festival at 4 PM. The California sun was beating down and I was beaten down! I had no place to go except my aunt's apartment and I knew nobody.  I was ready to say screw everything and hop a bus, plane, train or even walk back to Cleveland! But something told me to check the grocery store one more time. I did my step tracing and asked the cashier again but.. So, I started walking through the parking lot feeling like the whole thing was over. I thought I'd be late as hell for the reception and would just have to tell my aunt that I lost her keys. I thought I would also have to wounder the streets for hours until my aunt got home! Then,while at the end of the parking lot and about to turn a corner, I heard a voice calling for the man in the red skinny-jeans. That was me, of course. It was a store worker telling me that someone had turned in a set of keys! They were found in the orange bin. I looked over and saw the cashier dangling them in the air. The key-ring glistened in the sunlight. I couldn't believe it! The moment I had no more fight in me and was ready to call it quits, the whole situation had changed! I thanked the cashier and by 12:30 PM I was in my aunt's apartment eating my lunch. It had been a two hour ordeal and I sat there in total disbelief that it had even happen. I was on time for the reception and the rest of the trip went well. I told my aunt what happened and she was not mad at all. In fact, we had a laugh about it and she told me about a similar situation she recently had had.
     Now, all I need is the real happy ending - a movie option for Rainbow plantation Blues!

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