Sunday, September 7, 2014

to tinseltown on the greyhound !

I've got some really great news! I'm going to Hollywood, CA! I got this opportunity to go to what is called a ''book-to-screen festival'', seemingly out of the blue and at the last minute. All I can say is I must be meant to be there.
    Anyhow, it's at the Century Plaza Hotel in L.A. and it's a two day event. In a speed-dating format about 150 authors from all over the U.S.[and probably other counties] will have two minutes to pitch their book to Hollywood Movie studio and production company reps and other agencies and management companies, etc. The event package includes:

   via mail
* a pre-event pitch draft kit
   day one
*[evening] a welcome reception at the hotel to meet the organizers and the other authors[networking time!]
   day two
* breakfast
*[morning] we'll have a ''how to pitch'' seminar/presentation
*[mid-morning]we'll start practicing our pitches.
*do our speed-pitching to the actual studio, production company, etc. reps!!
*prior to our arrival in L.A., our books will be registered with the Writer's Guild of America to protect our unique ideas, which remains valid for five years.
* The top two pitcher will get the opportunity to pitch via video to Tom Jacobson for possible optioning by his production company. I have not yet researched who Mr. Jacobson is but he must be a VIP in the movie business. Part of me doesn't want to know. I'm nervous enough!

    I've been drafting a pitch idea for the past couple days and I think it's pretty good! I've also been watching ''how to pitch'' videos on YouTube for pointers. I'll post it next week.
   It may seem insane to travel all the way to Cali by bus but I haven't been west of the Mississippi since 1988! I want to see the prairies, the Rocky Mountains and the dessert again. They're absolutely stunning! And besides, whats the rush? So, Rainbow Plantation Blue's energy will finally knock on Hollywood's door. I don't know what it all means But I'm going to do my best and have some fun, too!

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