Sunday, June 29, 2014

happy pride!

Yesterday we had our pride celebration here in Cleveland, OH, and what a celebration it was! The weather was hot and sticky but that didn't stop thousands from attending. It started out with a parade which ended at Vounivich Park, the festival site, and went on until about seven or eightish PM. It had all the typical features of a pride event : drag shows[which I love] a beer garden[which I can do without]vendors, dancing, food and special guest performers.
     All of the performers[that I saw] were great but Debbie Gibson stood out for me. Yes, we had that 80's teen diva right here in person at Cleveland pride yesterday! Of course she's no longer a teen and the 80's are long gone, but Debbie looked amazing, and her show was flawless. Well, she did have some sound trouble. She said she didn't have a chance to do a sound check before her show, so she sort of incorporated it into the show. It was very clevor. I didn't even realize that that was what she had  done until a freind pointed it out to me after the show. You could tell that Debbie is a seasoned professional who's been performing for along time.
    Looking around the audience I was aware that very few people were under forty. It made me think of how fast time flies and of how old I am, seeing as I remember her music when it was topping the charts! Okay, I'll admit it, I'm actually a couple years older than Debbie! But hay, what are you gonna do? I can say that being a forty something, okay an upper-forty something, didn't stop me from wearing my red skinny jeans and form-fitting pullover! I looked better than half of the twenty somethings there and I got enough attention from some of them to prove it!
    Anyhow, age and looks aside[ wait, did that statement come from a Gay man?] it was a great pride. In fact it was the most enjoyable pride I've ever been to and the only one where I stayed all the way until the end.
   One more thing. I met a guy[no, not the guy who I'm going to spend the rest of my life with] named Robert banks who is a short film maker. I'm always fascinated by people with ambitions, especially creative one's, and so I just had to talk to him and hear about his work. Also, the friend I came with got a business card from a women has written and self-published a book. I didn't get to meet her but it did make me think that I should have business cards made. Pride would have been a great place to pass them out, and I'm always telling people about my book anyway. Why not give them something to hold on to?

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