Saturday, June 21, 2014

a writer's fast

We had our writer's support group last night.  Two people couldn't make it but there were still four people there including myself. We talked about writer's block vs. motivation/ having time to write, the structure of a short story and three people read some of their work. I was one of the three. Now, this meeting went on for two hours! I guess only true writer's would find conversations about the structure of a short story and writer's block vs. motivation/time to write interesting enough to talk about for over an hour. Most people would find those topics to be an instant cure for their insomnia! But not us writer's. We all left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
   Another thing we touched upon was what I call ''speed noveling.'' One of the group members had recently done it. Speed noveling is when you write an entire novel in some insane time frame, like one month. It's an exercise that people do to hone their chops or to simply get the job done. I guess you could say it's like a writer's fast. When you fast you do anything but eat but when you ''speed novel'' you do nothing but write! What else could you be doing if you finish a novel in a month? Now mind you, these novels are far from publishable but that's not the goal/point. And the writer can always go back and take all the time that he or she needs to edit it and turn it into something publishable because all the basics, story line, characters, etc. are there.
   If my writer's fast stuff makes no sense to you don't worry because I'm not so sure I get it either. Look, I had a late night last night, Okay! And it's still early[if you call 2:12PM early]. Anyhow, I need to go a ''writer's fast.'' At the rate that I've been writing for the past month or so you could say I'm on a writer's gluttony. At least I have been doing some marketing and promotions for Rainbow Plantation Blues.

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